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Hi guys welcome to my Blog,

 To be honest I know nothing about blogging but I guess it’s never to late to try something new. Like I said I’m really new at this which means I can be very bad at this but I guess we have to see. I love writing nd expressing my feelings main reason as to why am here. Not gonna lie this blog isn’t going to be one of those blogs that are only tied down to one thing its gonna be one of those multi blogs where I blog about anything and well everything. Feedback is Important, I would really like to hear you guys opinon about some of the things I write etc So check me out guys I might not be that bad. 


A Simple, short but in the most prestigious way “Hi”

It was at age 5 when she had to take her leave to experience,one thing she called challenges. Nothing was ever easy. There were times when at the age of 12 she just felt like pain was one of devil’s creation because the pain was unbearable but at the age of 13 she started to realise that tears and pains weren’t meant for her she realised that she was at her weakest there but at age 14 life had other plans. The pain got to real, it never stopped nor paused it was continuous and repetition.

Age 14 and tears was the only thing that surfaced upon her eyes as she looked up and asked “why”? Never forgetting Lord her God who made her still remembering how her faith in him was not as strong and remembering that all she could do at this point was close her eyes and sleep never forgetting that pain. She lived her 14 years in fear of feeling like the world is collapsing on her. Unfortunately she never got better, 15 years and pain still big and love still small cried and never understood but funny enough she made people believe she did 16 years realise that she was in trouble and began her pain again 16 years and she prayed to God and asked for strength courage bravery upon his feet.

she asked for Peace nothing less nothing more but 16 years and she got pain that continued for 2 months yet as she continued the pain for 2 months the pain continued. The more she moved on the greater the pain 8 months in and only four more to go and she still felt like she was still double Crossing her mind repeating things to herself so she can let her body and her mind know that she was still in charge yet she is still scared when she hears the steps squeak or when the shower makes the buzzing sound telling herself to some how get over it.

Don’t be delusional she told herself this is a phrase she tells herself get over it. But yet again she is  lost for words her skin is starting to itch her heart cant beat properly because her mind is trying to pinpoint and calculate what the hell is wrong with her. 16 years and she still jumps on her own thoughts when she feel like nobody is listening enough to understand. The black clouds, the rains are quickly backing up. Her emotions are quickly tucking it’s way back to the source yet her biggest most strongest strength seems to be able to feel itself in one small, tiny and cluster box and her fears eliminate half the box. It feels to her that the most  powerful things in that box is plotting against her. It finally dawned on her that this was make it or break it. what came next was beyond her but she knew one thing. She isn’t ready and she thinks for the last time questioning herself “was she ever”




Call It What You want, but you can’t deny that feelings change that people come and go. Sometimes how we feel about ourselves depends on how we let other people affect us. You might lose your way, try to change or do things that you know aren’t right for you or even give away a very part of yourself that makes you, YOU. Yeah it’s hard to be honest with yourself, cause the truth does hurt but just stop for a second and stop worrying and doubting and just be. Don’t let guilt or fears dictate your choices. Trust yourself, Be patient, Take time. You don’t understand how much energy and effort some of us spend trying to please or impress new and exciting people and then we take people who love us for granted.  Why?????? Why is it that we assume that we will always have tomorrow and that their always gonna be there? because their not, because that’s not how life is.


Is it hard? Yeah 

Is it gonna happen in a day? Nope 

How does you lose yourself :

when you begin to lose ownership of your life, when you do things that you know isn’t you or when you have decided to give away apart of yourself that contributed to who you are today, that’s when you begin to lose yourself.

Any advice: Everything we do in life is a choice and those choices decitate the kind of life that you are going to live and as soon as you can understand that then you can start to take ownership of your life you start to be able to design your life to turn out whatever you say to want it to.

it’s Tinax 

Who are you?

Hello my fellow humans

Quote for today: We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves

My views on this topic really changed as I grew up, and as I was growing up nd my views where changing the way I acted also changed. When I was younger if I was hurt or if I was in pain I would cry so that people can know I was hurt or if I was hungry I would rub my tummy and tell my mum that I was hungry. Not once did I ever stop to think of what my mum would think or what she would say if I told her that I was hungry or if I was in pain simply because I didn’t care and because she was my mum. As I grew up the way I started to think changed. When I went into high school I was told that you shouldn’t let anybody see ur weak side or when your in pain because you would be considered as weak. So for the 4 years of high school I closed myself up. I never showed anyone my “weak” side. When I was sad to the world I was happy. When I was in pain to the world I was enjoying life. I had become a different person to my friends, a different person to my family and a different person to my boyfriend. It finnaly dawned on me that  I acted differently with different people and what really shocked me was that among those identities that I created, not one of them showcased the real me


Let me question you guys on something:

Ask yourselves this, who you are, who you are claiming to be is this the real you. When we see you are we actually looking at you not the 60 identities you came up with no the real you. Are you a different person to people or are you known to be just that one person. Who is behind that mask that you show to the rest of the world. Don’t be someone your not. Be true to yourselve be loyal to yourselve be kind to yourselve be real with yourselves. At the end of the day nobody is living your life but yourselve. 

I understand that we need to fake it till we make it but to your loved ones to your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, crew, husband, wife, co workers, team mates etc who are you to them, who are you to you and who are you to society. 

Think about that.


A little Rant about certain Humans (5 Types)

Hello my fellow people

Quote for Today: sometimes you’ll be in control of your illness and other times you will sink into despair and honestly that’s okay. Freak out, Forgive yourself, and try again another day.😘

Today I’m going to have a little rant about certain humans in this world. Now wither your old,young, teen, kid, adult, married, single etc you would  have came to a stage in your odd life where you have socialized with certain types of people which honestly have just really amazed you by their personality, so let’s break it down, 

Number 1: The fictional story tellers: In other words the liars. These are the people who always has a story to tell and mostly all the story’s are full of BS excuse my language but let’s be honest we all have encountered this type of behavior from someone and jf you yes you that is reading this post are guilty of being the fictional story teller please stop and funny thing is they go into so much effort to come up with the perfect story to tell and its just really sad honestly like all those wasted time.😌

Number 2: This one is for all my none real humans out there other known as the Fakers. Ahhh the fakers the kind of people who has 60 different identities which are shown at different situations. Like you can’t even tell your problems to these type of people because they will just make it about them for example ( me: I got hit by a car today faker:  omg me too) like what!!!! And this example brings me to my next humans

Number 3: The attention seekers ohhh these are the people who feel like the world revolves around them they seek too much attention. If no one is paying attention to them they do something extreme like break their leg just for people to notice them. Why they do this I have no clue. These type of people are just like the fakers but just an inch worse. There problems are always extreme and omd (oh my days) these are the people who lives for drama. These are the people who will literally turn everything into one big fight,like these type of people really hurt my head 😣 anyways moving on, next we have the one and only Gossiper 

Number 4: The Gossiper, now these are the people who believes that there Gossip girl (Shoutout to my Gossip girls fan) anyways these are the people who in the future would most likely become news reporters because they just love to broadcast news everywhere like its their mission. But let’s be honest without these people most of us won’t know half the things we know about our enemies so in a way thank you for your service but before you gossipers start praising yourselves we also need you guys to stop. So as we say thank you we also say shut it and as you do so God will bless you😁 MOVING ON

Number 5: The haters you see its in bold. Why? Because these are the worst of the worst. These are the people who can’t stand to see you smile or see you happy. These are the people who will go out of there way so they can see you at your weakest point. Why are they called the haters?  Because all they do is just hate on everything and everyone. . Theses are the people who will literally rain on your parade so hard. Honestly the only reason why they hate is because that’s all they have learned to do but like old Taylor said, Haters gonna hate!!!!   

One piece of advice: I know what haters can do to someone and honestly it is the worst, the worst feelings in my opinion. If you are going to listen to the haters you are inviting them in its as simple as that. Just by listening to their negative opinions about you, and by you believing in it you are inviting them to mess with your head. Haters are gonna hate but you need to be strong enough to just move on with your life and leave them behind. Praise yourself. If nobody will then you should. No mother where you go you will encounter some haters and they are gonna hate on you until they see your weakest point but if you don’t allow them they are going to get bored of trying to drag you down. So just let them hate and you just Move On